Manchester, Michigan

Andy Potter I Choose Stine

Thinking outside the box for higher yields lead Andy to explore Stine® HP Corn® and LibertyLink® soybeans.


Manchester Michigan

Forward-thinking and progressive are two words that best describe Stine grower Andy Potter’s approach to farming. With more than 1,200 acres nestled in southeastern Michigan, Andy always searches for the next great technology to increase yields. That’s why Stine’s HP Corn® and the Stine® HP Twin 20 planting system captured his attention.

“My brother-in-law called me about the Twin 20 corn program with the planter option. We met with our regional sales agronomist and talked to him about it… Both of our farms were with totally different companies, and we both said we’re in, 100 percent. Let’s give it a shot; let’s see what it does”

Andy Potter

With two years of planting HP Corn in Twin 20-inch rows under his belt, Andy is excited to see more from the system and to teach growers that they, too, need to look outside the box to increase yields. And his HP Corn fields certainly catch his neighbors’ attention. According to Andy, area farmers pop by on occasion to ask how the HP Twin 20 planting system performs compared to 30-inch rows.

“This year is shaping up. It was dry for a long time. Our Twin 20 corn held its own a lot better than the 30-inch row stuff. Eventually it did rain, and it seems like the Twin 20s are coming back faster than what the 30-inch row stuff is. It just doesn’t seem like it was stressed out. I think it shaded what little bit of rain we had. It shaded the ground a lot longer, kept everything cooler.”

Rain or shine, HP Corn triggered the urge for Andy to continue his path toward higher yields, and he sees a bright future with high-population, narrow-row corn.

“What I like about Stine HP Corn is the plant structure. It’s got a very upright leaf and catches a lot more sunlight. The other thing is the tassel on it. It makes it so that it does not block the leaves from catching sunlight, which helps produce a nicer looking plant and better grain quality.”

Andy also planted about 350 acres of Stine LibertyLink® soybeans in 2016 — 100 percent of his soybean acres.

“After seeing our weed problems and our pass with Liberty®, it just made us a believer that this is the program that we needed to go for controlling some of our weed issues.”

And it’s not just Andy transitioning to the LibertyLink system.

“Guys are starting to make the switch, and you can tell. The fields that are Liberty and ones that are still Roundup or conventional, just driving down the road you can see which fields are clean and which ones aren’t.”

We’re excited that Andy transitioned his fields to Stine HP Corn and LibertyLink soybeans. And we hope he continues to spread the word that Stine has yield.

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