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    Stine® Agrisure® Duracade Brand Corn: Stopping Corn Rootworm Dead in its Tracks

    January 10, 2018

    Posted by Stine Seed in Planting

    One of our newer trait platforms, Stine Agrisure® Duracade® brand corn boasts powerful insect control and should be top of mind for growers who experienced corn rootworm pressure in 2017. In addition to above-ground insect protection of more than 16 yield-robbing pests, Stine Agrisure Duracade brand corn features the high-yielding genetics growers are accustomed to with Stine coupled with five percent integrated refuge in bag.

    What makes Stine Agrisure Duracade stand out from other insect control trait packages? The Agrisure Duracade trait stack delivers a unique protein that binds to the gut of corn rootworms unlike any other option on the market. As a result, corn rootworms are effectively controlled as soon as the larvae hatch and before they begin feeding on corn roots, which can result in weak, underdeveloped roots, decreased nutrient uptake, standability issues, reduced grain fill and poor overall plant health.

    Growers are sure to increase their bottom line with Stine’s lineup of Agrisure Duracade hybrids. Agrisure Duracade 5222 E-Z Refuge® features the Agrisure RW trait in addition to Duracade, specifically designed to tackle corn rootworm, as well as Agrisure Viptera® for above-ground insect control. Agrisure 5122 E-Z Refuge is an option for both above- and below-ground insects, protecting growers’ acres against the corn borer in addition to corn rootworm.

    While Agrisure Duracade is approved for sale in the United States and Canada and for export to several international markets, it still lacks a few key approvals overseas. However, growers can work with Gavilon Grain, LLC, to find a local grain elevator or other approved location that accepts Duracade traited corn by calling Gavilon at (844) 559-1500. Growers also have the option to use the hybrids for silage.

    To learn more about Stine Agrisure Duracade brand corn, contact your local Stine sales representative.

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    Look To Stine’s Conventional Corn For Big Profits in 2018

    January 03, 2018

    Posted by Stine Seed in Products

    Genetics are the cornerstone of any high-yielding corn seed. While traits should never be an afterthought, remember that elite germplasm is what really drives yield. Stine® is home to one of the most prolific, highest-yielding corn breeding programs in the world; our Elite Yield Trials evaluate tens of thousands of lines to deliver more consistent, high-yielding corn genetics to growers’ fields faster than ever, including our lineup of conventional seed corn. In fact, since all of Stine’s corn inbreds begin as conventional, that means that our conventional seed corn represents the newest, highest-yielding corn genetics that Stine has to offer.

    Stine is excited to offer some very promising new conventional lines for 2018, as well as conventional versions of some of Stine’s most trusted genetics. Some of those conventional lines are designated HP Corn®, which means that they are built to provide maximum returns when planted at higher populations. Stine genetics are known for excellent standability, strong performance in various soil types and environments, good stress tolerance in variable field conditions, excellent drydown for earlier harvest and the ability to thrive in different row configurations.

    If managing weeds in conventional corn is weighing on your mind, the good news is there are plenty of alternatives. Pre-emerge products such as Dual II Magnum®, AAtrex® and Callisto® can be used as a burndown in no-till systems and as post-plant prior to emergence. Post-emerge products such as Steadfast® Q and Callisto® + Atrazine can help control grasses and broadleaves through harvest. If pest pressure becomes a concern, there are also a number of post-emerge products to help control pests like European corn borer, western bean cutworm and corn earworm, as well as provide moderate control of corn rootworm. Products such as Capture® LFR®, Lorsban® 15G and SmartChoice® offer below-ground protection when properly applied; and Baythroid® XL, Lorsban® and Warrior II offer above-ground protection (early and late). Remember to always consult the label for local restrictions, crop height restrictions and pre-harvest intervals prior to use of these products.

    If you are interested in learning more about Stine’s powerful lineup of conventional corn genetics and best management practices for producing higher yields, work with your local Stine independent sales representative or regional sales agronomist to help choose the right corn seed for your farm.

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    A Year in Review

    December 27, 2017

    Posted by Stine Seed in Stine News

    The clock is ticking, and 2018 is only days away. While we’re excited what the new year will bring, it’s important for us to reflect on the past year to determine our greatest successes and lessons learned.

    Stine® LibertyLink® soybeans are leading the field. Stine LibertyLink soybeans accounted for three quarters of our soybean sales volume this year — a true testament to the power of Stine’s high-yielding genetics and the LibertyLink trait package. Growers across the country have confirmed that Stine LibertyLink soybeans produce clean fields and more bushels per acre. We anticipate this trend to continue in 2018.

    Growers are making room for Stine GT 27 soybeans. One of our newer trait packages, Stine GT 27 soybeans has already proven successful in our lineup. A number of Stine growers who planted Stine GT 27 saw consistent yield gains between five and 10 percent. Many even mentioned how well Stine GT 27 worked on their tougher grounds.

    Stine Agrisure® trait corn continues to impress. Some of our top-selling corn hybrids came out of our Stine Agrisure lineup this year. From herbicide flexibility and season-long insect protection to high yields, Stine Agrisure trait corn will continue to perform in 2018. We look forward to offering an even larger selection of Agrisure trait corn in the new year.

    A shift in thinking. Through the successful launch of Stine’s one-of-a-kind Grower Alliance Program, more growers are shifting their way of thinking to seed cost per acre rather than by bag. Through the program, growers can pay an acre-based membership fee and then are eligible to purchase corn and soybean seed on a discounted price schedule. This allows growers to think about seed on a per acre basis, rather than a per bag basis.

    To learn more about Stine’s Grower Alliance Program or our 2018 lineup up of high-yielding corn and soybean seed, reach out to your local Stine sales representative or visit our website.