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    Join Stine at the Farm Progress Show

    August 15, 2018

    Posted by Todd Schomburg in Stine News

    Celebrate Stine’s 40th year in the retail seed industry at the Farm Progress Show August 28–30 in Boone, Iowa. The nation’s largest outdoor farm event, the Farm Progress Show will celebrate their own important milestone as they host their 65th annual event.

    Stine will be located at booth #1328, inside Gate 3 in the eastern corridor along the intersection of Thirteenth Street and Central Avenue. Growers can grab our 2019 Seed Catalog and one of our limited edition 40th anniversary hats while supplies last. Stine agronomists will be available to answer questions about our 2019 offerings, including Stine® LibertyLink® GT27 soybeans — the broadest lineup in the industry.

    LibertyLink GT27 is the first commercially available soybean trait package that offers built-in tolerance to both glyphosate and glufosinate for over-the-top application as well as tolerance to a new HPPD/Group 27 herbicide for soybeans (pending EPA approval). LibertyLink GT27 is a triple-stack trait technology that will give growers outstanding weed control, unparalleled flexibility in weed management options and high-yielding, elite genetics for exceptional crop performance. Visit our plot at the show to see one of our LibertyLink GT27 numbers, Stine 25GA62 brand soybeans. 

    We will also showcase Stine HP Corn® and the HP Twin 20 planting system. Come experience the high-population, narrow-row revolution growers are talking about. Walk the Twin 20-inch rows in our show plot and ask one of our staff members about our Twin 20 research planter.

    Plus, we’ll welcome KWMT’s Duane Murley to the show, who will host his Power Lunch Program from our booth daily from noon to 1 p.m. Stop and say hello!

    We look forward to seeing you at the 65th annual Farm Progress Show!

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    Stine Crop Progress Update: Round 2

    August 08, 2018

    Posted by Stine Seed in Stine News

    Crop progress updates continue to come in throughout Stine’s territories, and Stine numbers are shining through the various weather elements they have endured throughout the planting and growing seasons. Here’s what Stine agronomists are seeing in their regions.

    Region 2 (eastern North Dakota and western Minnesota)
    According to Stine RSA Amanda Oberg, much of the crops in Region 2 are in great shape. Farmers in Region 2 had a late start for spring planting, but ideal growing conditions and timely rains have resulted an excellent crop for both corn and soybeans so far.

    Region 3 (southern South Dakota, northern Nebraska and southwest Minnesota)
    RSA Tony Lenz reports that Region 3 has had some very good growing conditions since a very wet and cool start to summer back in June. A lot of areas did not get corn in until mid- to late- May, with many areas putting a majority of soybeans in the ground in June. July, however, has been a different story, with warm temps and weekly rains to help crops progress nicely, especially in northern Nebraska.

    Most of Region 3 pollinated corn in early to mid-July with good temps to help make that a smooth process. The biggest concerns are wet areas not getting nitrogen at appropriate times, especially in southeast South Dakota and southwest Minnesota.

    Soybeans continue to look very good in most of Region 3, with pods forming in most areas the last few days of July. Stine® LibertyLink® soybean fields are looking very good as far as weed control. A few numbers that stand out at this time are Stine 9436-11, 9428-32, 9746-20, 9808E-20 and 9814-10.

    Region 7 (South Dakota)
    RSA Bethany Oland notes that crop conditions in her region look great. Timely rains, adequate temps and low insect pressure have kept crop stress at a minimum. With the corn now pollinated and ear fill happening, Stine 9202-G, 9212-10 and 9316-20 are showing excellent harvest potential. Soybeans in the region are filling pods, and Stine 13LH62 and 17LH62 are set to have another solid year.

    Region 14 (Tennessee, southeast Missouri, east central Arkansas, north central Mississippi, northern Alabama and parts of Louisiana)
    RSA Kevin Ryan notes there are a few reports of early corn being harvested in Louisiana. There are also some reports of high populations of aphids in some corn fields. Based on Kevin’s observations, yields will be highly variable depending on planting date, soil types and moisture. 

    Soybeans look very good for the most part. There are quite a few reports of corn earworm in soybean fields. Kevin notes, “it seems like every year we find something new in soybean fields.”

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    Stine Crop Progress Update: Round 1

    August 01, 2018

    Posted by Stine Seed in Stine News

    With growing season more than halfway complete, Stine agronomists are busy helping farmers scout fields for insect and disease pressure and determining if fungicides and/or pesticides will help protect yields through harvest. Learn how crops are shaping up throughout the Midwest.

    Region 1 (central Minnesota/west central Wisconsin)
    Stine RSA Justin Oden notes that most all corn has reached silking stage, and flowering for soybeans is right behind. Region 1 is a little ahead of last year by 4–5 days. Early and some really late-planted corn looks really good. Some that was planted mid-season isn’t looking as good as growers experienced very wet conditions in a lot of areas; Region 1 is seeing some emergence issues or yellow-looking corn because of the wet conditions. South central Minnesota has some pockets that look really rough because of all the moisture, but on the edges, they could see some garden spots with some very impressive yields. Region 1’s largest Stine grower in west central Minnesota reports this could be a record year for him!

    Region 4 (northwest Iowa and eastern Nebraska)
    RSA Todd Schomburg reports that things are looking good for the southern part of Region 4, and there’s potential for a great crop. However, if you get north of the Highway 18 corridor, they experienced late snow, late rain and later planting, so crop progress is really from one extreme to the other. There has been some fungicide application on corn, with corn-on-corn acres sprayed first. Beyond that, there has been a small percentage of growers who sprayed additional acres depending on the hybrid and whether it would benefit from the application or not. Todd notes he’s seeing more soybeans being sprayed with fungicides than in the past, mostly to protect yield.

    In the western part of Region 4, corn is starting to dent. In general, in northern Region 4, they are about 10 days ahead of heat units and the southern part is 12–14 points ahead of heat units. The crop is moving along quickly because of the environment and growing conditions.

    Region 8 (north and central Missouri)
    Stine RSA Mike Eckels notes Region 8 is very dry north of I-70, and corn and soybeans are not looking good in that area. South of I-70, things are looking pretty good, especially Stine® 9814-10, 9709 and 9744-20, which look excellent in the plots and the fields. 

    On the soybean side, Stine 36LEO2s and 38LE02s continue to impress. New Stine GT27™ numbers 40BA02 and the 41BA20 look great. Not much replant was done this year, but some fields had to because of dry conditions. The second crop of soybeans are going to have a tough time making it because of the dry conditions.

    Region 13 (south central Illinois)
    In Region 13, Stine RSA Stefanie Ray notes corn is in the dough stage. Aerial applications of fungicide were done 10+ days ago. Disease has been controlled very well by application. Non-treated fields have gone from virtually no leaf disease present 14 days ago to some fields now showing lesions on the upper canopy.

    Soybeans are continuing to bloom and pod. Fungicides were applied before r3 in a lot of fields because of tall plants. Moisture has been very adequate, but cracks in the ground are starting to show up in the dark soils. With the last rain, soybeans are looking to finish strong. We are looking at well above average corn yields (maybe 20 percent) and potentially record soybeans.

    Region 16 (north central Indiana, southwestern Indiana, northwestern Ohio)
    Stine RSA Bill Kessinger notes that in central Indiana, the corn crop is quickly accumulating GDUs, putting it about two to three weeks ahead of normal. However, the crop in northwest Ohio is slightly behind because of excess spring moisture that delayed planting. The rainfall has been spotty, but the corn and soybean crops look better than the region has had in the past couple years. Bill reports they have seen gray leaf spot in corn and frogeye leaf spot in soybeans in small isolated locations, but not enough to be concerned as of yet. The Stine LibertyLink® GT27 seed production fields continue to impress from emergence to canopy to pod set. Everyone is anxiously waiting for combines to run through the new corn numbers and soybean trait platforms.