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    Highlights from the 2017 Farm Progress Show

    September 26, 2017

    Posted by Stine Seed in Stine News

    Another successful Farm Progress Show is in the books thanks to the thousands of visitors who stopped by our booth! The Farm Progress Show was in Decatur, Illinois, this year, and we had visitors from all over the Corn Belt and beyond, including some from outside the United States, stop by our booth to talk with Stine sales representatives. Visitors inquired about Stine’s high-yielding genetics, new soybean technologies and our 2018 corn and soybean lineup. They also had the chance to Go Big with Stine — our latest promotion where visitors take home one of our newly designed hats, visit the website listed on the tag of the hat and register to win a Polaris Ranger.

    We enjoyed sharing our latest genetics and technology with our visitors. A John Deere DB60 72-row HP Twin 20 planter was displayed beside the Stine booth, leaving many visitors intrigued and anxious to learn more about Stine® HP Corn®  and our innovative HP Twin 20 Planting System. Stine sales representatives were also on hand to discuss Stine’s latest corn hybrids and soybean varieties, including the new Stine® GT 27 and LibertyLink® soybeans.

    Stine RSAs and leadership on site had the chance to visit with various media outlets who were at the show, providing interviews with WHO Radio, Brownfield Ag News, Farm Industry News and more. Myron Stine, president of Stine, was at the booth, speaking with reporters and farmers about his optimism for the new soybean technology in the pipeline and the outlook of agriculture, including the value Stine can bring to the industry.  You can listen to one of Myron’s interviews with Brownfield Ag News here.

    It was an exciting and educational week for Stine at the Farm Progress Show. If you missed us this year at Decatur, be sure to visit us next year at the Farm Progress Show in Boone, Iowa.

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    A Reminder this Harvest Season

    September 19, 2017

    Posted by Stine Seed in Harvest

    It’s National Farm Safety and Health Week! With harvest underway in some parts of the country, Stine wants to help everyone have a safe and successful harvest season. Whether you’re working on machinery, driving from field to field or putting long hours in the combine, you must always be alert. Here are five tips to stay safe this harvest season:

    1. Be careful on the road. Make sure all lights and flashers work properly, keep an eye out for animals and watch for drivers who may not be watching for you. Try to avoid busy roads during rush hour. If needed, discuss a route with your local police department to choose a safe path between your fields.
    2. Communication is key. Make sure your team communicates frequently and set an emergency plan in place that all employees are aware of and know how to implement. Walk through the emergency plan with all members before harvest begins.
    3. Limit riders. Limit riders on equipment and make sure extra passengers are in a safe seat. Do not let passengers ride on fenders, hitches or attachments. While it’s nice to have family keep you company during harvest, it’s best to take them out in the combine or other farm machinery in separate trips. If the cab is too crowded, it may make it difficult to operate. Always remember, safety first.
    4. Be safe around the bin. Never enter a bin when unloading equipment, such as an auger, is running, and do not enter a bin with automatic unloading equipment unless the control circuit is locked out. Always have a helper nearby when entering a grain bin. Avoid wearing loose clothing around the equipment. 
    5. Be aware of your own limits. If you’re becoming fatigued after long hours in the combine, this may cause an accidental injury when using farm equipment. Stay alert, and if you feel yourself drifting, it’s time to take a break. Be sure to take care of yourself; don’t miss a meal, get some sleep, know when you need a break and stay hydrated.

    When out in the field, the days get long and your attention may start to wane. Be aware of your own limits, be aware of your surroundings and always have an emergency plan in place. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Stine wishes everyone a safe and successful harvest season. For more tips on harvest safety, contact your local Stine sales rep.

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    Stine® HP Corn®— Setting the Industry Standard

    September 12, 2017

    Posted by Stine Seed in High-Population Corn

    The path to consistently reaching 300-plus bushels per acre corn is more a reality now than ever before. Stine’s extensive research in high-population, narrow-row corn has developed hybrids that are setting the industry standard for high-population planting.

    Although Stine® HP Corn® can take many forms, in many cases these hybrids are shorter-than-average with more upright leaf structure, allowing them to catch more sunlight. Hybrids adapted for higher populations also tend to have excellent stalk strength for superior standability, and superior disease resistance even when planted in high-population environments. And the shorter HP Corn hybrids also produce less biomass than taller corn plants, allowing them to use water more efficiently. These features not only make HP Corn more cost effective, but also ensure more efficient use of each acre. The end result — higher yields.

    HP Corn can work well in a variety of row widths, but the hybrids really thrive in Stine’s Twin 20-inch rows. How does it work? The twin rows are based on 20-inch centers, with 12 inches of spacing between rows and 8 inches separating each pair of twin rows. This planting configuration provides two key benefits. First, since this configuration results in an average 10-inch row spacing, growers can make even more efficient use of each and every acre. Second, this system makes the concept of HP Corn even more accessible by allowing growers to harvest their crop with a standard 20-inch row corn head.

    To learn more about HP Corn and the HP Twin 20 Planting System, talk to your local Stine representative or visit our website