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  • Tony Lenz Image

    Stine LibertyLink Soybeans

    December 28, 2015

    Posted by Tony Lenz in Products

    Combined with high-yielding genetics and built-in tolerance to Liberty® herbicide, Stine LibertyLink® soybeans are becoming a popular option for growers who have experienced glyphosate-resistant weed issues with their soybean acres. RSA Tony Lenz shares his tips for weed management using the LibertyLink system to help keep your fields clean in 2016.

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    The Difference With Stine Seed

    December 11, 2015

    Posted by Bill Kessinger in Stine News

    What makes Stine unique is not only the company's world-class breeding program and high-yielding genetics, but also the history of the company and the employees who stand behind the Stine brand. As the largest privately owned seed company in the country, Stine remains a family-owned operation, led by a trio of innovators who know the industry and the importance of maintaining a personal connection with their customers, dealers and employees. For RSA Bill Kessinger, this is the difference with Stine.

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    Believing in Stine's HP Corn

    November 20, 2015

    Posted by Bill Kessinger in Products

    Seeing is believing, and RSA Bill Kessinger encourages growers who are curious about Stine’s HP Corn® program to learn more. Talk to your regional sales agronomist to get started on your path to believing.