Nodaway County, Missouri

Mike Rosenbohm I Choose Stine

Stine® rides along as Mike experiences in his first HP Corn® harvest.


Nodaway County Missouri

A positive experience with Stine beans lead grower Mike Rosenbohm to experiment with Stine corn for the first time in 2014. When he first began this venture, Mike planted 120 acres of Stine corn seed on his farm in Nodaway County, Missouri, half of which he slated for Stine® HP Corn®.

“One reason I chose to plant the corn is we've been planting Stine beans, In particular LibertyLink® beans, since they first came out, and we've gotten along very well with them, so i wanted to try the corn. And then they came out with this high-population corn and it really intrigued me, so I wanted to give it a try.”

Mike Rosenbohm

After seeing the results, Mike took the next step and signed up for the Stine HP Corn Planter Program.

“Stine basically puts their money on the line on this planter deal in particular. They’re paying for two-thirds of the planter. They believe in it so much that they’re trying to get us to believe in it, and from the benefits I’ve seen so far this year, we thought it would work well enough that we’d try one of the planters.”

Mike also enjoyed the ease of harvesting Stine HP Twin 20s. And along for the ride in Mike’s combine for his first trip down the Twin 20-inch rows was none other than Stine dealer Andrew Lance — a confidant Mike trusts to offer him the best product and field management advice for his acres.

“We harvested the high-population corn, and Andrew, the dealer, was right there riding with me. We were talking about the different aspects of the corn. And one nice thing about the high-population in the narrow rows, which we were harvesting with a 20-inch head, you can go in any direction. You don’t need to go 45 or 90 degrees or with the rows. It doesn’t matter.”

Another pleasant surprise for Mike during HP Corn harvest was the numbers he saw popping up on his monitor.

“The yields are definitely there. Stine always says it yields, and we’re very pleased with the yield.”

At one point, Mike recalled seeing his monitor go over 300 bushels per acre — a true testament that Stine has yield.

“It was kind of interesting seeing those figures show up on the monitor. That doesn’t usually happen in this part of the country.”

“I Choose Stine HP Corn because STINE HAS YIELD.”

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