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Introducing Harvesting Wishes

June 2023 

Stine® has yield and that goes well beyond the farm. Now, Stine has the opportunity to cultivate wishes for critically ill children in the communities we serve.

Through a partnership with Make-A-Wish® Iowa — a nonprofit organization with the mission to grant life-changing wishes for critically ill children — Stine has signed on as a premier, exclusive and inaugural sponsor for the Harvesting Wishes Program.

About Harvesting Wishes

Harvesting Wishes is a unique program to engage farmers and agricultural workers across the country to participate in granting life-changing wishes for kids in their communities. Individuals can participate in the program by providing in-kind, monetary or supply requests, which can be done through the program’s website, Alternatively, farmers can donate Gifts of Grain. Proceeds from donations go directly to funding the wishes of a critically ill child in the donor’s community or state. Donations can also be used towards tax deductions.

Stine's commitment

Stine has agreed to be the premier and exclusive sponsor of Harvesting Wishes. As the premier sponsor, Stine will advocate for the program, communicating its benefits to Stine employees, sales team members and grower customers across the country to expand the reach of this important effort. As our reach across the country is vast, our involvement can help grow Harvesting Wishes to have a national impact.  

Seed Purchase Program

Stine has created a customer incentive program to donate funds to the Harvesting Wishes Program. Stine growers interested in participating will receive a seed purchase incentive from Stine upon donating to the Harvesting Wishes Program. All proceeds from the program go directly to funding the wishes of a critically ill child in the donor’s community or state should they designate the gift to stay local. As Make-A-Wish Iowa is a 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization, financial contributions may be deductible for federal income tax purposes. Growers should consult with their financial advisor to determine the extent of tax deductibility.

If you are interested in learning more about our seed purchase program through Harvesting Wishes, we encourage you to connect with your local Stine sales rep for more details. Please note: This is not just an Iowa program. Growers across the country can participate by connecting with their local rep.

Power of a wish

In Iowa alone, nearly 400 critically ill children are waiting for their wishes to be granted. But the need for granting lifesaving wishes and cultivating hope for these children is not just happening in Iowa; it’s impacting communities across the country. Programs like Harvesting Wishes help bring awareness to this important cause and the impact a wish can have on a struggling child and their family.  

The families and children who have received a wish know the power of a wish is truly remarkable. Through Harvesting Wishes, Stine and Make-A-Wish Iowa will work together to see even more wishes come true and greatly improve the quality of life for critically ill children. In the recent “Impact of a Wish” study, research showed:

  • A wish can give kids the strength to fight against and even overcome a critical illness. 
  • 99% of doctors say wishes help relieve a family from traumatic stress.
  • 87% of wish alumni say their wish was a turning point in their treatment. 

To learn more about or to participate in the Harvesting Wishes Program, visit Or to participate in Stine’s seed purchase program through Harvesting Wishes, connect with Stine today.