Biotech Lab

The Science of Seed

At Stine Seed Company’s biotechnology facility in Ames, Iowa, researchers use advanced, proprietary techniques to develop new traits that will provide farmers with more planting flexibility and increased options.

A long, detailed development process means it can take many years to deliver a single new trait or feature. Once we have a trait identified, we use our proprietary Aerosol Beam Injector to combine it with the industry’s best germplasm to deliver lines of corn and soybean seeds that outperform all others in the industry.

Stine’s biotech facility accomplishments include:

  • Releasing the first biotech soybean. Stine brand 1580 was a somaclonal variant regenerated from tissue culture.
  • Introducing the first Group 1 Roundup Ready® soybean.
  • Introducing the first STS® soybeans into the marketplace.
  • Developing an entirely new plant transformation process, known as Aerosol Beam Injection.