Jason  Green

Jason Green

Southern Division Director of Sales

Joined Stine Seed Company 2016

Jason Green’s priority is to support his team of salespeople and agronomists from the southern Corn Belt to the Delta South. Jason has years of sales and agribusiness experience, with a degree in agribusiness economics from Southern Illinois University Carbondale and as a former Stine regional sales agronomist.

Jason and his wife, Jamie, and children, Parker, Preston and Joanna, reside on an 800-acre farm in Lawrenceville, Illinois. Jason and his family are Disney fanatics who frequent the Magic Kingdom a few times a year. They also enjoy movies, travel and sports. Fun fact: Jason served as an ag teacher for six years at Lawrenceville High School and has spent 21 years as a basketball coach for high school and junior high students. He currently coaches at New Hebron Christian School.