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    Plant 16 Progress Report (Part 3)

    May 13, 2016

    Posted by Stine Seed in Planting

    While corn planting is winding down, soybean planting is ramping up across the Midwest, but intermittent rain is affecting the last bit of Plant 16 for corn. So much so that some growers in northern Illinois are considering transitioning their last few acres of corn to beans because saturated soils are keeping them out of the field. Here’s more on the latest Plant 16 progress from Stine.

    Region 2 — RSA Katie Lorenz (North Dakota, north central South Dakota, northwestern Minnesota)

    We’re about 95 percent done with corn in Region 2, and we have a good start with soybeans with approximately 50 percent in the ground. We’ve really had tremendous weather for planting so far this spring. Now we hope to keep the temps up for a great start to the growing season.

    Region 3 — RSA Tony Lenz (south central South Dakota, north central Nebraska and southwestern Minnesota)

    Planting has been slow in most of Region 3. Nebraska and South Dakota, where we have sandy soils, have gotten some corn acres planted. The very eastern side of South Dakota is way behind on planting, and there are some thoughts on switching from corn to beans. Areas of Minnesota and Nebraska that did plant corn three weeks ago are seeing corn emerge but with some stand issues where the soils either crusted or were waterlogged. We could really use a week or more of completely dry and sunny conditions.

    Region 9 — RSA Mike Smith (Kansas, Colorado, Texas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and southwest Missouri)

    Corn planting is finished in southwest Missouri, eastern Kansas and eastern Texas, with good stand establishment. Planting has begun in central Kansas and is about 70 percent completed. Western Kansas and western Texas are just beginning to have good planting and growing conditions. Very few soybeans have been planted in Region 9.

    We’ve received several good comments from growers regarding Stine 9427-20 and Stine 9429-20 brand corn. These hybrids have had very good emergence and continue to exhibit good nitrogen uptake with nice, dark green color compared to competitors.

    Region 10 — RSA Tony Pleggenkuhle (southeast Minnesota and northeast Iowa)

    We’re about 90 percent done with corn throughout southeast Minnesota and north central/northeast Iowa. About 70 percent of beans have gone in. So far we haven’t seen any issues, but there are a few people a little concerned about cold shock.

    Region 11 — RSA Chuck Vaughan (east central Illinois, northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin)

    Corn planting is mostly wrapped up in central Illinois, and about 80 percent finished in northern Illinois. Corn planting is under way in southern Wisconsin with about 50 percent planted. A lot of farmers opted to hold off starting beans until after the rain coming this week.

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    Plant 16 Progress Report (Part 2)

    May 10, 2016

    Posted by Stine Seed in Planting

    The USDA Crop Progress report released May 9 by the National Agricultural Statistics Service reports that 64 percent of corn has been planted, with 27 percent emerged as of May 8. For soybeans, 23 percent have been planted as of May 8, up from eight percent on May 1.

    While progress has been made across the board, several areas across the Midwest and South experienced severe weather over the past few days, so Plant 16 may be put on hold for some. Here’s the latest progress from some of our regions:

    Region 6 — RSA Dustin Ellis (central Iowa, northwestern Missouri, northeastern Kansas)

    We are basically done with corn and have about 45–50 percent of beans planted in Region 6 from Iowa Falls, Iowa, to Manhattan, Kansas. Unfortunately, we will have replant starting up as soon as the ground allows in northwestern Missouri and parts of Kansas. We are hoping to get out in northwestern Missouri later this week if the weather shapes up. Very wet conditions the past few weeks in northwest Missouri resulted in flooding, causing us to replant corn.

    Region 7 — RSA John Furlong (southeastern Iowa, northeastern Missouri)

    We have about 90 percent of corn and 35 percent of soybeans planted in Region 7. Stine 9538-20 is really jumping out of the ground, first emergence in most plots. We need warm, dry weather for about 10 days to finish planting.

    Region 8 — RSA Mike Eckels (north central Missouri, south central Iowa)

    Corn planting is 90 percent completed in Region 8, and we’re just getting started on beans. The last few weeks were not good for the corn, as some flooding occurred in a few areas with cool nights. There will be some replant on corn. The emergence has been really good on corn, however, and we haven’t seen any cutworms yet.

    Region 13 — RSA Gary Niemeier (central Illinois)

    Region 13 is around 75–80 percent completed with corn planting. I would estimate that around 10–20 percent of soybeans in the northern region are completed, and in the southern part of my region, very little soybeans have been put in the ground. We are very saturated at this point and hope to get in the field soon, weather permitting.

    Region 17 — RSA Doug Score (central and southeast Indiana, southwest Ohio, northern Kentucky)

    For corn, the USDA has us around 30–38 percent planted in Ohio and Indiana, and around 8–11 percent planted for soybeans. The estimates I’m seeing and hearing are a little different; however, I only service a portion of each state.

    West central Indiana has 45 percent of corn planted and five percent of beans in the ground. Southeast Indiana has 25 percent of corn planted and less than five percent of beans.

    For the most part, southern Ohio has made huge strides. Our estimates for Region 17 are around 55 percent complete for corn and 30 percent complete with soybean planting. This is a little different than estimates from the USDA. Some operators have even finished planting all together. My numbers are swags because of the varying conditions throughout. Included are parts of Ohio that have only 5–10 percent of corn planted with no soybeans in the ground. Just like most years, drive a few miles and you’ll have a different story. 



  • Plant 16 Progress Report (Part 1)

    Plant 16 Progress Report (Part 1)

    May 06, 2016

    Posted by Stine Seed in Planting

    USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service reports that as of May 1, 45 percent of corn is planted and eight percent of soybeans are in the ground. This comes from data compiled from 18 states, which represented 93 percent of corn acres and 95 percent of soybean acres in 2015.

    While Plant 16 appears to be ahead of schedule, a week of wet weather across the Midwest at the end of April resulted in a slowdown for some growers. Here’s what a few Stine RSAs say about progress in their regions:

    Region 1 — RSA Justin Oden (Central Minnesota/West Central Wisconsin)

    Really warm weather early on had farmers in the field earlier than normal this spring, but they were halted when the weather turned cold and wet for nearly a week. With the cold temperatures and rain, soil temperatures remain below desired conditions for planting. Growers in Region 1 have done a good job this week waiting for fields to dry out before jumping back in the tractor. Those who are patient and wait for the soil to dry are less likely to see issues such as sidewall compaction.

    Region 4 — RSA Todd Schomburg (Northwest/North Central Iowa)

    In the southern part of Region 4, about 90 percent of corn has been planted with less than five percent of soybeans in the ground. As you move north and west in Region 4, the percentages drop with around 50 percent of corn planted and no soybeans in as of the beginning of May.

    Region 14 — RSA Kevin Ryan (Mid-South Delta)

    Even though it rained for nearly a week, planting progress is probably ahead of the yearly average in Region 14. Corn is 95 percent planted, including replants from excess water damage (flooding) or frost from early planting. Soybeans are varied across the region, ranging from 10–50 percent planted. There are a lot of soybeans yet to be planted, and growers are ready to go as soon as it dries up. We’ve seen some cutworms in soybeans, which is surprising. The corn that isn’t under water is looking really good.

    Region 16 — RSA Bill Kessinger (North Central Indiana, Southwestern Indiana, Northwestern Ohio)

    We’ve been off to a good start in Region 16. Many areas had a big week of planting a few weeks ago and planted a lot of corn and some soybeans. It has been rainy and cooler since, but no major storms have dumped a lot of rain. We are in fairly good shape so far. I would say 70 percent of corn is planted and 20 percent of soybeans are planted in Region 16. The long-range forecast looks good for about another week.