• Introducing Stine's Prescriptive Pathogen Report

    Introducing Stine's Prescriptive Pathogen Report

    October 19, 2023

    Posted by Stine Seed in Technology

    At Stine®, we prioritize our grower customers’ needs, so we always look for new ways to help maximize yields and ROI. This is why we focus on delivering the highest-yielding genetics coupled with outstanding agronomic support.

    New for 2024, we are pleased to offer Stine’s Prescriptive Pathogen Report, powered by Pattern Ag. Available at a special discounted price to Stine’s Corn Loyalty level customers, the Prescriptive Pathogen Report is designed to help growers accurately predict their future risk for corn rootworm, one of the most damaging soil-born, yield-robbing pests.

    How does it work?
    The methodology behind the Prescriptive Pathogen Report includes a highly sensitive and specific test that can accurately predict your field pressure and economic risk for next season.

    By utilizing precise DNA analysis from soil samples, we can measure the presence and abundance of target organisms. Data collected from the soil samples is then translated into actionable agronomic insights that growers can employ for best results. This testing method is so accurate that it can detect a single egg in just a one-pound soil sample.

    The results delivered by the Prescriptive Pathogen Report allow participants to build a comprehensive crop plan to help them select the optimal genetics, traits and seed treatments for their unique situation, maximize yield potential and eliminate hidden risks.

    “Through advanced DNA analysis, the Prescriptive Pathogen Report can help predict a field’s risk for corn rootworm with a high degree of accuracy,” says David Thompson, Stine’s national marketing and sales director. “This is an innovative and yield-saving benefit that we’re pleased to offer our Corn Loyalty level customers this year. With the nominal cost upfront for the program, it truly pays for itself — and then some — in the long run.”

    The Prescriptive Pathogen Report is being made available to Stine Corn Loyalty customers for a cost of $1.50 per corn acre planted to Stine brand corn. This is a fraction of the total cost of this service, with the balance covered by Stine.

    Getting started with this solution is easy; the process includes four simple steps.

    1. Growers connect with their local Stine representative to complete their 2024 account paperwork and select the “Corn Loyalty” offer.
    2. Once account paperwork has been processed, a program representative will reach out to confirm interest and eligibility and to start the setup process.
    3. Next, the grower will connect with the sampling service to let them know when fields are harvested and ready to sample.
    4. Once samples are taken and analyzed, growers should anticipate a two-week turnaround for delivery of their Prescriptive Pathogen Report.

    Growers interested in taking advantage of this unique and innovative solution can connect with their Stine rep today to get started.

    “The sooner growers sign up, the sooner they can put this information to work in developing a winning plan for 2024,” says Thompson.