LibertyLink® GT27® Soybeans

Stine is pleased to offer an expansive lineup of Stine LibertyLink® GT27® brand soybeans. This triple-stacked herbicide-tolerant soybean offers exceptional yield potential coupled with tolerance to three unique sites of action — glyphosate, Liberty® and Alite 27 herbicides — for ultimate control over glyphosate-, PPO- and ALS-resistant weeds.

Our line of LibertyLink GT27 soybeans readily delivers on our STINE HAS YIELD promise. In our Elite Yield Trials, Stine LibertyLink GT27 brand soybeans perform better than or equal to most available brands thanks to the decades of experience and data that go into our industry leading genetics and proven germplasm.

Stine LibertyLink GT27 soybeans have built-in tolerance to HPPDi/Group 27-based herbicides, providing soybean growers with an additional measure of protection against potential HPPDi/Group 27 carryover.

Features & Benefits

  • High-yielding, elite genetics for powerful performance
  • Effective weed control built upon LibertyLink® technology
  • Glyphosate- and glufosinate-tolerant soybean system
  • Tolerance to a new HPPD/Group 27 herbicide (Alite 27) can be used as burndown and pre-emergence applications for extended, early-season and broad-spectrum weed control with residual activity
  • Liberty® herbicide and the LibertyLink trait provide an excellent means for growers to rotate nonselective herbicides to effectively manage weed resistance and preserve the utility of herbicide-tolerant technologies
  • Ultimate control over glyphosate-, triazine-, PPO- and ALS-resistant weeds
  • Performance equal to or higher than many current brands, mostly in part because of the industry-leading genetics derived from proven germplasm.
Brand EmergenceStandabilityPhytophthora Root Rot Compare
  • 9: Excellent
  • 8: Very Good
  • 7: Good
  • 6: Average
  • 5: Below Average