Agrisure Artesian® 3011A Corn

Stine Agrisure Artesian® 3011A brand corn contains Stine’s high-yielding genetics with Agrisure Artesian’s water optimization technology to protect growers’ yields from moisture stress. The Agrisure Artesian portfolio also features Agrisure® 3000GT trait technology, which features no yield drag, powerful protection from corn rootworm and corn borers, and in-crop tolerance to glyphosate-based herbicides. 

NOTE: 20% structured refuge required in corn-growing areas; 50% structured refuge required in cotton-growing areas. Consult the 2022 Syngenta Stewardship Guide for additional refuge requirements.

Features & Benefits

  • Trait stack combines Agrisure Artesian water optimization technology with the Agrisure 3000GT triple-stack trait
  • The triple-stack trait helps growers guard against corn borer and corn rootworm
  • It has an inbred tolerance to glyphosate herbicide
  • No yield drag